Our Focus

SolPacific, LLC is a private equity investment network focused primarily on making investments in the following sectors:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Multifamily housing
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) manufacturing

SolPacific is an evolution of Mercury Investment which has successfully generated over $1 billion in real estate investments since our inception in 1991. Your success is a result of our thorough due diligence process and by our focus on creating strong, trusting relationships with investors, sellers, buyers, financial institutions, brokers and property managers.

Investors First – Always.

One thing that sets SolPacific apart is our investors get paid first, always. Each one of our deals is structured to provide a return to investors before SolPacific receives any fees or profit participation. We align the incentives and direct the focuses of all stakeholders to make sure we take care of our investors first.

To learn more about SolPacific and for more information on current investment opportunities, please contact us.