An Opportunity Zone investment allows a person or entity with appreciated assets the opportunity to roll the gains from the sale of that asset into an Opportunity Zone investment. Benefits include:

  • Defer tax payments on the gain (sort of like a 1031) up to 2026.
  • Pay no tax on the appreciation of the Opportunity Zone investment if it is held more than 10 years.

Opportunity Zones are located in every state (nominated by the governor of each state and the mayor of the District of Columbia). Although not yet finalized, the Opportunity Zones that have already been approved and can be seen on a map at this website:

SolPacific is on the cutting edge of this new legislation and is currently pursing investments in Opportunity Zones in many states. If the following apply to you, please contact us:

  • If you have a gain or anticipate having a gain on an asset and you would like to learn more about Opportunity Zone investment opportunities.
  • If you have a transaction in an Opportunity Zone and are seeking investment capital investors.