Autovol is set to become the most technologically advanced modular home manufacturer in the United States. Autovol intends to operate a manufacturing facility in Nampa, Idaho at not less than 80% capacity (1,600 modules per year) with a focus on high density, multifamily affordable housing while primarily serving high-cost coastal markets in the West.

Total capital required for the Autovol project is $102.5 million, of which $46 million will be privately raised equity capital.

Estimated returns to investors, assuming only 80% utilization of the factory (or 1,600 modules per year) and after all manager/guarantor profit participations exceed 25% annual cash on cash upon achieving fully stabilized operations.

The Autovol leadership team assess that the housing industry is very much at a technological inflection point where methods of the past can be cost-effectively outperformed by the now tested and known effectiveness of new technologies — in this case, robotics — bringing vital and profitable mitigation to old and persistent problems.

To view video of an automated modular factory, visit:

Autovol Investment Highlights

  • Be a part of revolutionizing the housing industry
  • $46 million to be privately raised from accredited investors only
  • Estimated 25% annual cash on cash returns upon stabilization
  • Minimum investment: $1,000,000